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Is Normal Bad ?

I don’t think so . . . some seem to think that normal is boring and safe to me it means usual, expected the everyday and that’s the point I am meandering towards. I would quite like to do something that documents the usual and the everyday.

Something like project life is great but just doesn’t fit into my schedule or my way of working so I am trying to construct something that will work for me. There are lots of great yearly creative projects out there but I have come to the conclusion that I need something flexible that I can dip into and out of when I have time, something that doesn’t have a set timeline.

I know that if I commit to something that sets out to produce something daily, weekly or monthly will leave me feeling disappointed and despondent when I miss a day or get behind.

I am thinking of doing a 6×4 mini book, I was inspired by the December Daily I did I actually loved doing this project and even though I am still working on finishing it, I got along better with the concept probably because I just documented what was happening where in previous years I tried to stick to a more regimented system.

I have started taking photos of “daily” stuff to include and I think I am going to stick to plain kraft cardstock pages with small tags for any journaling which will be my usual minimalist style.

I liked this album from Monika Wright you have to scroll down the page a little to see it in its entirety

I am actually thinking of buying a pack of the small revision cards on a ring to jot down what happened the date and any thoughts. so that even if I don’t put pages together regularly at least I will have documented them and hopefully taken photos.

Sounds like a plan

Got some work commitments to take care of first but hopefully I will have something to show you at the end of January.

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