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Dead time . . .

Do you suffer from this affliction ?

I know I do, I have a very chronic form, some of the problem is related directly to my procrastination issues, I do stuff that doesn’t need doing so that I don’t have to do the stuff that has to be done !

But I realised the other day when I tried to take stock of what I had achieved in the last 24 hours that during the day I have lots of pockets of “dead time” I am defining this as time that could be put to better use that is currently wasted, for example the hour I that I have in a morning when the kids are getting breakfast and then getting dressed and ready for school, I usually spend this time “coming round” drinking 6 cups of tea, cruising the web etc, nothing constructive actually gets done.

My other dead times are, when the kids come in from school and before they eat and after the kids have eaten upto when my husband and I eat (we always eat later in the evening)

I have therefore identified a small list of “chores” that don’t require me to use my brain, but that I still have to find time in my day to complete, that I am aiming to do during this dead time, so that it frees up the time I usually spend doing them during the more productive parts of my day. P-H-E-W

Sounds like a plan doesn’t it ?

I am making no promises, but watch this space, I am hoping to stick to this as I am fed up of wondering where my time has disappeared to !!

AND because I don’t like posting without a photo here is one I took of the fur baby yesterday.
he has such a hard life !!

4 thoughts on “Dead time . . .

  1. I have this issue too! Your list idea sounds great. I need to do that. I would love to be more productive and go to bed each night knowing I didn’t waste too much time. Looking forward to hearing how it goes for you!

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