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Happy Dance

I am doing a little happy dance, not really a pretty site but at 6.29, on a rainy Monday morning, when no one can see me I don’t care !!

I just finished my December Daily for 2010

TOTALLY UNHEARD OF, I completed a journal/mini book project I have started lots but rarely COMPLETE one !!

I am going to photograph all the remaining pages that haven’t appeared here already later today if the light improves !

I will post those photos here as soon as they are done.

ALSO . . .

I am thinking I may do a give away, I never celebrated 100 posts, it all seemed a little new and I wasn’t sure I was going to stick to it But it looks like a have a little following and I am managing to post with some regularity and I enjoy it, SO I am heading towards 200 posts (this one is number 192)
I think a little give away is in order, not sure what it will entail yet, I will post a count down and an idea of what the give away is going to be nearer to that post.

Look out for me else where this month, I have cards in the February edition of Papercraft Inspirations and I am doing some exclusive printable freebies for UKScrappers next week.

edited to add –
Not had the light to take decent photos today hoping for better light tomorrow

watch this space

2 thoughts on “Happy Dance

  1. Good for you! I hope to finish mine by the end of this month. I have a big birthday party to plan this week so hopefully next week I’ll get that Dec. Daily knocked out. Love what I’ve seen of yours!

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