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New Project

I have been mulling over what to start off with as my next project, I know I keep waxing lyrical about how much I enjoyed doing the December Daily album, but I really did and it was quite a shock because I don’t do mini albums of ANY description, as a rule.

However even though I am going to do the DD again this year I wanted to do something similar and sooner, I contemplated doing an album of the “everyday” throughout this year, I even made a few tentative steps towards that album, designing a front cover and some typography for it, then I managed to talk myself out of it, January was nearly over and I hadn’t taken any photos and I couldn’t even remember what we had done yesterday never mind the last two weeks, so I shelved that idea.

I have settled on doing a mini book (R-E-A-L-L-Y) about my eldest son (no disrespect second born son) I am thinking of calling it 12 of twelve. One photo a month of my 12 yr old, throughout his twelfth year, starting in December 2010 and going through to November 2011 as he will be 13, Shush ! say it quietly, in December 2011.

I have made a promising start, I have a photo taken on his birthday, last month and now I have one taken this month, PHEW an only just-er, but it is still January. I don’t care what date the photos are taken, just as long as there is one for each month.

I have done some graphics and typography to use throughout the book, I just need to decide what size to do it, I am leaning towards 6×4 at the moment, I have lots of 6×6 “spare” pages, who knows why, as I said I don’t make mini books, so not sure where they have all materialised from, anyway I am just finding them too square so 6×4 is wining right now.

If all this drivel interests you then stay tuned as I am going to attempt to post my progress, thus far, in the next couple of days.

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