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I think i like Thursday’s, it so close to a Friday, which to me is the beginning of my weekend. Happy Happy Happy!

Although this weekend is going to be organised chaos, 9yr old little boys running riot at a birthday sleepover, in my house, I seriously need to have my insanity levels tested !

Ok blog changes almost complete, I just need to get the font changed and I am going to call it done.

Getting along with my 12 of twelve book, done a couple of pages now and hoping to get a decent photo for February this weekend so that I can complete that page, the documenting part of the pages is causing me some consternation, I don’t want to journal his every move for each month but I want it to be an insight into who he is.

After reading Cathy Z’s post yesterday I decided that the interview technique was going to work best for me too so I have been typing up a list of questions and I am going to ask him half a dozen each month, then add a few notes if we do or see anything special that month.

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