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Hollow Promises

SO I have been saying for a while that I would start posting the images of my 12 of twelve mini album that I am currently working on . . .

and I havent !

to be honest I haven’t done as much as I wanted I have the images sorted but the journalling just isn’t happening. I wanted to do something different each month, but nothing to involved.

Whilst reading Cathy Z’s blog recently I decided to follow her lead and for the first month of the album I did an interview with FJ, this worked so well that I had too many questions to put on one page so I am going to use the rest of the questions for another month’s page. I love Cathy’s quotes and quirks too so I am going to utilase this idea on one of my pages too. . . Thanks Cathy

Anyway here’s what I have so far.

3 thoughts on “Hollow Promises

  1. Love this snapshot of right now interview. It’s a great idea! CZ always has some great inspiration…and a lot of laughs!

  2. What a great photo page – really like your style, layered but graphic too. Great to be able to make an idea stretch to a couple of pages! 🙂

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