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WOW Wednesday

OK new feature – that sounds a bit self important doesn’t it – sorry, I am trying to add a bit more structure to my blog, so I am hoping to make Wednesday’s the inspiration day, a kind of mid week motivator.

I won’t necessarily be featuring my work, I am not that prolific anyway, but I am constantly inspired to make things when I look at other peoples designs and projects. Sometimes I feel a little bit arrogant as I say in my head “I could make that” other times I am kicking myself because I am wondering “why haven’t I thought of that !”

Anyway I have been browsing through this site today NOT ON THE HIGH STREET (I was looking for a gift at the time, not just idly browsing)

I came across these framed type pictures by Kyleigh’s Papercuts which I absolutely love !

So I can’t laser cut stuff, but I do have a cricut and I would need to figure out how to do the sandwiching between to sheets of glass, minor detail, BUT it has inspired me to have a go at something similar and that’s the whole point of inspiration , right ?

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