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WOW Wednesday

SO . . . inspiration . .

What is it, where do you get it from and how do you use it ?

the dictionary definition . .

1 [mass noun] the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative:

I find inspiration in a huge range of places but my go to things are :-

Magazines – Type, Layout and Colour
I mostly use interior magazines but I always pick up the freebie mags from John Lewis, M & S, Boots, Waitrose, Lakeside and Bluewater (shopping Malls)
Pick up a magazine in WHSmith’s that is completely off your radar like a surfing magazine or a skateboard magazine to jump start the creative process

Shop Windows – Pattern, Colour and Combinations
Use your mobile phone to take photos of things that appeal to you even if you don’t know why or what you will use it for at the time.

The Web – For specific references
Obvious really, helps to narrow down your ideas, I want a serif cursive font or show me grey and green colour combo’s. Don’t forget to book mark sites that you found helpful

Blogs – General and Specific Inspiration
Apart from bookmarking your favourite scrap bookers or forums, use the same principle as with the magazines, look at interiors blogs or cookery blogs or online shops, its essentially online window shopping

Here are a couple of design blogs I like

This That These and Those A Design Blog

Form Fifty Five Design Inspiration

The Design Inspiration I particularly like the Business card section as well as the type inspiration and the patterns download section.

Print and Pattern Great Colour and Pattern Inspiration

Don’t forget if something inspires you, you don’t have to “lift” it verbatim, just use the same colours, or the way that they have organised spots, stripes and floral’s together or use the same typeface.

I am spending time lurking on this blog at the moment, Retrospection by Christine Middlecamp Christine’s style is so far removed from my own but I always find something that appeals to me in her work, its full of layers and detail and sometimes way too busy and vintage for me but there will be a small detail or a colour or pattern combination that I like that I hadn’t thought of that inspires me.

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