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Freebie Friday

I am so S-L-A-C-K

I’m afraid I haven’t got any of my designs ready to show you today

BUT I am going to point you in the direction of Alison Kimball whose blog I have been reading for a very long time and who has recently started doing some digi kits that she offers as freebies on her blog.

As I have said before I don’t do digi but the papers are always so very useful. I never use the other elements, so once I have downloaded a digi kit, I discect it and get rid of the all the other elements {sorry designers} then I add the papers to my folder, aptly and rather obviously labeled, digital papers.

I find it very useful that I can print these off on A4 paper or card as and when I need them and they don’t take up any of my storage space.

Go here to check out Alison’s kits

This one is VERY useful.

One thought on “Freebie Friday

  1. Thank you for such a nice “shout out”.
    I’m with you, I usually keep the papers and toss most of the rest. Digital has been a whole new experience.
    Thank you again.

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