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Monday at UKS

My latest freebie exclusive to UKScrappers is up on the site today.

The set includes a great ledger paper and a set of 12 number tags in two colourways, I used both the paper and the black number tags in my current mini album

I think that they are both really versatile, easily printable on A4 paper and even though they have a touch of vintage about them they are still clean and simple. As the numbers on the tags have been designed to be cream, I found that you get a better deeper colour if you use a cream cardstock to print them on. (they will still print on white cardstock)

Hope you can make use of them in your projects, let me know what you think.

7 thoughts on “Monday at UKS

  1. These look stunning, can you tell me how to download them? I am a UKS member but can’t seem to find the download there either.


  2. I came across your freebie on UKS today, they are just my kind of thing. I love the font you used I’m looking forward to using them. Thank you so much. Amanda

  3. really nice Leger paper. i printed the numbers onto semi-gloss card and they printed very well. love the vintage feel to these.. thank you…

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