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PINTEREST – another time suck !

I love these bags and a few other bits from this range, I was hoping to get them and send them to my friend in the states, I don’t often see patriotic gifts that I like so this range made me quite giddy.

Anyway I was as a matter of course going to pin these on to my pinterest page, they would have been my first additions to the page that I haven’t got yet !!

Okay so after much deliberating and lots of cyber cruising through other peoples inspiration pages I decided I would join !

After all, it was a good idea, a way of keeping all my online inspiration in one place, and being able to share it too, so I registered.
Three attempts later, I gave up, mainly because I thought I was doing something wrong, I kept getting a message “You have to be invited”


Is it an elite forum, do I need to be vetted, interviewed, screened, or is there just a waiting list ? (at which point a different response to the, you have to be invited, would be more appropriate)

Seriously, after waiting a week now, I am afraid, pinterest, I am over you !!

Sour grapes, probably, cutting my nose off to spite my face, definitely, will I still join IF I get invited, most likely, I am such a hypocrite !!

Anyone else had the “You have to be invited” response

OR is it just me that is a pinterest leper !

9 thoughts on “PINTEREST – another time suck !

  1. I didn’t realise that’s how it works either 🙂 Really? Like you I got the ‘you’re on the waiting list’ repsonse. I need to go and investigate with a fellow blogger who I know has just joined – or is that been accepted 😉

  2. Bernice, can you invite me too? I’m sitting and waiting for an invite…

  3. Not interested in this – I really resent the “invite” thing – and yes, I think it will be a big time suck, but then I haven’t been invited 😛

  4. I’m also waiting for my invite! I also thought I was doing something wrong and then realized that I need an invitation – how do I get one???

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