OK I have to admit I know (knew) nothing about this latest paper crafting idea.

I did some (A LOT !) of cyber surfing and I think I am now au fait with this, not so new, idea. I suppose it is inevitable that everything gets another go around ( I will not however be wearing fluorescent leg warmers and a ra-ra skirt !)

SMASH books are a 2011 twist on the old sugar paper scrapbooks that we used to glue all our favourite memorabilia in as kids, something my kids have bypassed, being born in the E-age.

Whilst the concept isn’t new I have to say the range of “supplementary” products are very appealing. The main suppliers seem to be EK Success through K&Co although NON of these products are available yet and apparently won’t be available in the UK until July. K&Co also have a dedicated SMASH blog that contains ideas and inspiration for using the SMASH products.

My particular favourites are the rubber bands and the pockets, the glue pen is a cool idea too and I can see alot of these products being used in mini books and layouts too.

I may just spend some creative thinking time cooking up some of my own designs for some SMASH-style printables.


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4 responses to “SMASH Books

  1. MichelleGB

    Some designs for these would be fabulous! Great marketing for this product and it totally worked on me. I will be getting my SMASH goodies next week and can’t wait!

  2. eleanor

    yep i might give it a go…

  3. When I saw the glue pen that comes with some of the books I thought it was a brilliant idea. I know of two people who have been lucky enough to win one in a giveaway.

  4. i found out about smash books just a little while ago, and I have just started mine. its really addictive. everything in the house is a potential thing to put in the book! its also extended itself to my filofaxes LOL!:)

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