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SMASH Bandwagon

NOPE – I am not jumping on it, well okay, I may be running along the side.

Shimelle wrote a great post about the “should I, shouldn’t I ” dilema that scrapbookers are facing over SMASH books.

I am not indulging in a SMASH book myself but I have designed you all a little freebie, inspired by the SMASH books, but you could use these on layouts or in mini albums too.

Hopefully those of you who have ordered SMASH books will have them soon, so bookmark this post or print and save the PDF, those of you that have made your own books can print off the PDF and get cutting and folding today !

On the PDF you will find little red crosses, these are the cutting lines, once cut the tabs need to be folded in half, easily done with the finger tips if you printed them on paper, if you used card stock then score them first 2cm in, the tabs are 4x4cm square when cut.

The freebie is in the usual place, enjoy and let me know what you think – Thanks

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