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Ten on the tenth

I have been inspired to join in with Shimelle’s ten on the tenth post. although I started this with absolutely no idea what ten things I was going to share, so that stalled me for a while as I didn’t think that sharing my favourite ten swear words was appropriate !

OK, unplanned equals random, so here are ten random things you may, or may not know about me.

1. I love Marmite
2. I love peanuts but HATE peanut butter
3. I occasionally wish I lived COMPLETELY on my own
4. I would like to live within earshot of the sea
5. I am a bit of an eighties rock chick
6. I am a hoarder/collector
7. My DNA is missing the exercise gene
8. I wish I had, had more children
9. I love travel but am a serious homebody
10. I am a lark not an Owl

My latest self portrait !

12 thoughts on “Ten on the tenth

  1. I am with you on 3, and 5 to 9. I dont really like Marmite, but will eat it, I am a Bovril girl. I love peanut butter. If I listen very closely on a very still night I can hear the sea, lol. Can see a glimpse of it from my window.

  2. I love love love Marmite and hate Bovril! Peanut buter is ok, would also like to lve near the sea, love home, love travel, I am a huge hoarder, sometimes wish i could have more children but kep busy with the 2 I have! Great 10 things!! Thanks xxx

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