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Here comes the sun . . .

Well even if it is only for today it is still worthy of celebration.

Compiling a major to do list for the summer, places to go, things to see as well as chores and tasks that need to be done, I am determined that the summer holidays and any half decent weather we do have should not go to waste. The Summer holidays last year just seem to pass me by and I didn’t achieve anything.

I am also working on a special kit, I will be doing a give away here on my blog starting with my 250th post.

When it was my 200th post I wanted to do a give away but alas I didn’t get myself organised and it ended up being a hollow promise. So the 250th post is going to be it, this is my 236th post so only 14 more posts to go, I think that this kit will require some sneak peeks over the next couple of weeks to get your interest piqued.

I will start off the countdown in my 240th post, so as they say watch this space.

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