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First Day of SUMMER – what a lot of . . .

To say I am disappointed with the British weather of late would be a HUGE understatement !

HELLO heatwave over the Easter hols in April, heatwave this time last year – and i have the photos to prove it !

SO today is officially the first day of summer and the longest day of the year, WOW I find the latter fact shocking, that the days are now only going to get shorter, I am not a fan of “dark nights” I think I have a minor case of the S.A.D affliction, I am seriously contemplating installing daylight bulbs in all my light fittings for this winter.

OKAY, so that was my rant of the day (my husband will be pleased to see that in print)

Well I am working, gradually, on the project I mentioned in my last post, it is coming together nicely and I am looking forward to doing the give away, several of the elements are designed and ready to be printed, I am testing different weights of paper at the moment.

Even though I have designed most of the elements myself I am looking into including some commercially available papers too

Keep Watching.

Photo taken at 7.30 am this day last year

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