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How can it be hump day already

Busy, Busy, Busy the first part of this week has completely flown by, if I didn’t know better I would say that I have been sedated for two and a half days, whilst everything around me has continued to go forward at an even faster rate than normal – know that feeling ?

Looking down the thin end of the school term now, which has its pros and cons, no routine is a very definite pro as is the slowing down of my work schedule ( I work for education related organisations) however having bored children is a definite con, as is the unpredictable British weather, not good when you are intending on spending the summer at home !!

Planning a couple of craft projects to do with the kids over the summer (very unlike me !!) we are going to make our own version of the ugly dolls

I am also going to attempt to tie dye some T Shirts with the boys, sounds like an accident waiting to happen, I know I have the skills to accomplish this but do I have the patience and the reserves of SANITY to let my boys attempt it – who knows !!
So I will be investing in a few pound shop plastic buckets and some cold water dyes in several colours turquoise and orange for the eldest, vibrant pink for me and “just blue” for the youngest.

There are a couple of camping trips planned too, just a couple of long weekends, plus the obligatory but much anticipated trips up north to catch up with family.

All in all a summer I am very much looking forward to and one that I am certain will be over much too soon !

Oh by the way this is post 248 !!!!!

3 thoughts on “How can it be hump day already

  1. I love ugly dolls! Can’t wait to see what you make! Sounds like you have some fun plans…enjoy the summer!

  2. Your post made me laugh – I’ve spent the whole week either thinking it is flying past or frantically trying to get everything done before the end of the week and of course next week’s end of term…

  3. Thanks for your freebies. O love the look of these ugly dolls – they may be ugly but they’re pretty cute! Any chance of a pattern shared?

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