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Ten on the 10th

I am really liking this feature, thanks Shim whilst my list is just that, a list – I am not expanding I think it would be a useful journaling tool, to go back and print them all off and do a LO for each list or even a book !

My TEN on the 10th this month is –

TEN things I love about going on Holiday in the UK

1. No language issues (apart from regional accents !)
2. Eating fresh caught fish and chips
3. Locally produced ice cream
4. Everything about the Sea, rain or Shine
5. Walking on the beach with the dog
6. Beach Huts
7. Hot power showers after a “Beach Day”
8. Limited household chores
9. Relaxing
10. Coming Home !

7 thoughts on “Ten on the 10th

  1. I couldn`t agree more,lol,i live in Scotland and even on the greyest wettest day like today the place is beautiful and i looove coming back to my own bed at the end of the day!!!

  2. agree with the list louise, especially the household chore one
    I love to be by the sea in all kinds of weather …..

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