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Dank and Dreary !

Not words I thought I would be using to describe a summers day in the middle of August !

The weather this summer in the UK has been a disappointing mixed bag, one day its shorts and vest weather the next its jeans and long sleeved T’s for all.

As yesterday started out with the promise of beautiful dry weather, The boys and I hit the coast. I hauled along my camera and I got a few shots I liked BUT . . .
I have to say I am not overly impressed with the photos I have been taking recently, I know what I am hoping to capture and sometimes I even think I have got what I hoped for but then I look at them when I get home and they are lacking in both clarity and content. It really is putting me off taking my camera out with me.

Anyway here are a couple that I am relatively happy with, although these are straight out of the camera and I can see I have managed to get the lens filter splashed on the last two !!

2 thoughts on “Dank and Dreary !

  1. Those pictures of the sea and boats, your boys, are just gorgeous Makes me miss being closer to water. We only have a small lake at a state park 7 miles from our house which we really enjoy when we can. I live in CO close to the UTah border. I get to enjoy so much neat stuff being on the internet and visiting people’s blogs. Awesome as we say in the U.S.

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