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Celebrate – take a photo

Today is world photography day, celebrate your world and take photos today.

Photo from http://www.LEGO.COM

I am taking my camera with me today, even though I am not planning on being anywhere that I would normally consider worthy of photographing and I am going to just take photos all day and see what I capture.

If you want to upload and share you can here you can upload your photos until the 26th.

Second installment of this post later today once I have some photographic evidence of it to show !

I have to say I was very very lazy with the camera and the photos I did take were no better than “snaps”

SO I picked a really mundane photo that I took whilst I was hanging out the washing and ran a few of Pioneer Womans photo actions on it just for the hell of it. I am not sure it elevates pegs to an art print but I actually quite like it !

2 thoughts on “Celebrate – take a photo

  1. Cool idea, sadly I just dropped my camera and am using a tiny purse point and shoot my Mom lent me. So i did take photos but am not impressed :sigh:

    Great camera tho’!

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