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Maybe the title of this post should read committed – as in I ought to be !

I have decided to get ready and do Shims LSNED (learn something new every day) online class

BEFORE anyone (Mom) pipes up and says “you always start these things and never finish them” I KNOW, actually I am ashamed to say last year I never got passed saying I was going to do it !

But since then I have managed to start and finish the December Daily project – and I loved it, doing a little bit of creating at the end each day. I think the other reason this appeals is that my layout production has remained at a steady ZERO over the past couple of years, so doing these projects keeps the “saving my families memories – creatively” ticking over.

So I have spent some time this morning looking for an album and going through my very limited stash, choosing paper and card to use. At this point I get my “graphic” knickers in a twist, I know its too early in the game to be having a hissy fit but I always want my album to be co-ordinated and have some unity throughout, and when I don’t have the “right” papers and card I start loosing enthusiasm, silly right ? Anyhoo I have gone with a whole bunch of neutrals to begin with, kraft, white, black and brown, polka dots and stars, not a bad start, but I seriously need to replenish my patterned papers, the sum total is now into SINGLE figures.

My vast “stuff collected” box is being sifted through too, clothing tags, cards, tickets etc in case there are any useful decorative bits that I may want to use.

A Starbucks bag has just been cut down to size and glued flat so that I can use it as a page – I have always liked their brand identity and their coffee

SO a good start I think, off to cruise the online scrapbook stores to see if I can score some new papers and letter stickers in the sales.

wanting to use this album

4 thoughts on “Committing

  1. Well done for getting underway. That is my goal today, to get the covers done and the pages cut and prepped. No way will i keep up otherwise.

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