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whilst I am not eager to be back at school, me and the boys, I am really looking forward to the first of September and the start of Shim’s LSNED. I have been a silent, unproductive lurker for many years during this class but not this year !!

After having a great time doing the JYC album a few years ago, although I NEVER completed an album, I took a different tact last year and not only did I thoroughly enjoy the process I actually completed the entire album,
My first mini book/album ever.

I am always quite proficient at the research and preparation stage but not great at the follow through and completion, but now I have done it once I have no excuses.

As mentioned in previous posts I have the album and have selected some of the papers I hope to use, I have designed the date tags, need to print and trim them. Last night I started making a selection of journaling cards to give me some different options.

I designed these simple cards specifically for my album, size 6 x 12 and its colour scheme. But I am happy to share these if anyone else thinks that they can use them on their projects.

Each card measures 20 cm by 6.5 cm (approx 8×2.5 inches) and you get four onto an A4 landscape sheet
Enjoy – download them here

7 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. Thank you for the download! I can totally relate, my first LSNED album is still half completed and I hardly even lurked last year. This year I am going to participate daily, so I will see you again.

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