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LSNED title page and days 1-3

Ok, a camping holiday and an ensuing rubbish cold, sore throat and sinus infection have conspired to keep me from starting my album.

I am “soldiering on” and have managed to complete the title page and entries for the 1st-3rd. This was after a major re think about how I was going to add my pages.
When I saw the 12×6 album I was excited to work in a format that I hadn’t used before but I fell at the first hurdle.
I had cut lots of paper and card to size ready to go in the album but when it arrived I was disappointed by the size of the ring binders, they are only 3/4 of an inch in diameter.
A string of expletives were uttered under my breath whilst I cursed the disadvantages of shopping online.

SO – I would not be doing a page a day as I had intended as 30 sides of, even minimally embellished, paper would simply not fit comfortably in this album. I opted for a 12×6 title page and then entries that will either be 6×4 or 6×6 depending on how much I have to say, so that 2 or three entries can then fit per page.

Right so without further ado I leave you with my title page and my entries for days 1-3
just in case you were wondering I am only going to follow Shimelle’s prompts directly if I get stuck.

Simple title page, scraps of patterned paper, some very old 7 gypsies gaffer tape, my own word art design on a paperchase luggage tag, a really really old paper ticket and an arrow photo turn.

First page 1st – 3rd still not sure about this it looks entirely too busy to me, too many words, but as I explained I started this task “sans camera” for the first few days!

Thanks for looking

3 thoughts on “LSNED title page and days 1-3

  1. Yes working for a living just for the money does truly inhibit ones ability to enjoy too much. Mostly life. Now that I’m “retired” (on SS) it’s not a whole lot easier to be able to do what we want. We stay home for days on end, luckily we love where we live, out in country, quiet, no pressures of jobs. Keep at it tho ok? You do wonderful stuff. I sure enjoy it and you inspire me constantly.

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