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Ten on the Tenth

Ok – for some reason I am feeling quite subdued and a little bit melancholy today

WOW that was a little bit dramatic for me

so my ten on the tenth was going to be regrets, but that looked a little morose so I went with WISHES instead

1. I wish I didn’t live so far from Home

2. I wish I hadn’t Waited til I was in my thirties to have kids

3. I wish I had, had more kids

4. I wish I had been more financially aware

5. I wish I had done a different degree and or a teaching post grad

6. I wish that I was more socially comfortable

7. I wish I had NEVER started shaving my legs

8. I wish I liked exercise and hated chocolate

9. I wish I was more self motivated

10. I wish I lived in the 1950’s

2 thoughts on “Ten on the Tenth

  1. i can emphathise with 4 of those Louise, and i did actually live in the 50s LOL
    but lifes too short for regrets and looking back, you have to look forward…

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