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Sad weather

Why oh why does the change in the weather make me sad !

Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of aspects of Autumn that I like and enjoy, returning to school and routine (that’s a like and a dislike), the cooler weather (only applicable when we have actually had a summer !) the colours and the abundance of all the berries, needing the quilt on the bed at night to be cosy, wearing socks again and Halloween

But I have to say that there is more that I dislike, not necessarily about Autumn but what it heralds, dark nights and dark mornings (major YUK) the wind and the rain, grey skies, piles of coats and shoes (I don’t have any convenient storage for these items)wet paw prints on the floors, the christmas countdown, planning and making hot meals every night, cold weather illnesses.

WOW I am in a Bah Humbug mood aren’t I

So Halloween – each year I am tempted about this time of year to make plans to throw a themed party, I usually manage to talk myself out of it pretty darn quickly, the thought of a dozen 9-12 year olds making spooky mayhem in my house is enough for me. I always feel less like celebrating when it falls on a week day too

But I do love to see all the new seasons Halloween products surfacing, as far as scrapbooking is concerned it always seems to fall into two catagories, the cute stuff and the slightly scarier vintage stuff. I tend not to buy any of the themed stuff but appreciate it from afar.

Some images from the web that I am inspired by for the spooky season – I may even do some designs myself to share !

Love this guy !

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