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Thank Crunchie . .

. . Its FRIDAY

busy week, now looking down the thin end of my favourite day of the week !

looking forward to catching up on my LSNED this weekend, so many entries to do, at least ten, with an “at home” weekend planned it should be a piece of cake, just the Mt Everest of ironing glowering at me from the corner of the room to overcome first, an evening session with a couple of good films should take care of that.

HOMEWORK, now that’s another bucket of sludge entirely – need to organise the kids so that all this gets done, planned, prioritised, nearly 8 weeks without homework, it is going to be a culture shock.

OK it is official I have started thinking about “that holiday in December whose name must not be uttered” I bought some chocolates this week, I have decided that I am going to add a couple of items of holiday food and drink to my weekly shop so that by the time I get to December I will only need to buy the essentials, plus the cost won’t be so overwhelming.

One thought on “Thank Crunchie . .

  1. Well it is 100 days today… my Mom informed me she’s almost done with the younger grandchildren yesterday. Planning on dusting off my holiday planner this weekend and starting to think about things…

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