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Start of the week again !

No matter how often I remind myself that there are only two days in a weekend, I am still shocked when Monday rolls back around, I feel like I have been caught napping, I didn’t do nearly as much of my to do list as I had planned and that leaves me feeling hopelessly behind already. YUK

Here is my to do list as it stands right now.
1. Mow Lawn
2. IRON ALL Laundry
3. Decide on dinner options, check food stores and cook
4.Pick up Children
5. Buy car paint
6. replace school stationary supplies (Already ! ?)
8. Hoover
9. walk dog
10. Do wedding acceptance

OK, I have decided that I am sleeping too much if I am running out of time to get things done so I am aiming to sleep less (yeah right) at this rate I will be getting up at 4am and going to bed at midnight.

just incase you are interested here is the design I did for the wedding acceptance

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