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Friday Feeling – Not so Much . . .

Just one of those days, not feeling very joyous, for no particular reason

A general lack of enthusiasm has descended over me recently
Jayne Eyre would probably define it as a mild case of the malaise !!

Its that overwhelming sensation that you aren’t making any headway so why bother

Don’t get me wrong its nothing big, just day to day stuff,

what to do for dinner (I cook twice each evening as my kids are “faddy eaters”)

not wanting to wash any more clothes until the current ironing pile is done

Having to wash because everyone needs socks, pants and school uniforms !

I fully appreciate that the things that are causing me to feel like this are tedious and small in comparison to war, climate change and world hunger.

My solution would be to have had time stand still this morning at dawn (when I feel most productive) and for it not to start up again until I was caught up and organised.

Anyone else with me on this ?

2 thoughts on “Friday Feeling – Not so Much . . .

  1. Understand that feeling – needless to say – I love my washing machine and tumble dryer, don’t know what I would do without them both! Gives me time to continue with the ‘other’ tedious chores in my life!!

    1. Don’t we all have those kind of days every now and then? Hope you’re feeling better.
      I kinda had one of those days myself today, felt grumpy for no real reason. Had company of least favorite sister-in-law (and her hubby) for couple days. I’m glad they’re gone. Don’t know why I feel that way today but am thankful they’re gone and won’t be back for another long time. It’s first time any of my husband’s family has come to visit us anywhere we’ve lived.
      I won’t go into the details of why sister in law is least favorite but maybe some of you out there have one of those too? Ok I’m looking forward to tomorrow and starting on an ornament exchange I signed up for.

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