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Monday, Monday . . .

So its here again, the beginning of another new week, for some of us it is the week before October half term – WHOOPEE !!

However I have to admit that aside from trying to meet my boys high expectations for their Halloween costumes and planning for my sister and her family visiting over half term, I have been thinking alot about that “large festive celebration” the one that takes place towards the end of December – You know which one I am alluding to, right ?

Back in the Summer I had quite a few enquiries about my Summer Album, the one I gave away here, it was great to get such positive responses and some truly thoughtful comments. Since then I have been perfecting some designs and trying to work out if I have the time to create a Festive version of this Kit. I believe that I have come up with a kit that fits the bill perfectly, not too large not to small, great for the December Daily and JYC participants.

My plan is to offer this kit as a pre-printed pack – I have found the complexities of making it downloadable too time consuming to sort out at the moment. I will be doing a give away as well, there will be a sneak peek weekend followed by the giveaway the following week.

Stay tuned

3 thoughts on “Monday, Monday . . .

  1. That sounds exciting, I agree, but also a little but sad, as, I, who live so far away (overseas), won’t be able to participate.:-( Could you reconsider the downloadable version for your overseas fans!!!! (EUrope)

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