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Gift Idea

I was thinking yesterday that I may still have time to create some home made gifts for Ch£$&@mas (see I am not actually say THAT word ! )

I saw these in Ikea a few weeks ago and I know a couple of ladies who always put a basket of bread on the table at meal times.

I like the reversible quality of the liners too.

However I think that I could definitely make these, I have a very large pile of unused fat quarters gathering dust that would suit this purpose, plus you could make seasonable liners too for all those special occasions !

One more thing to add to the ever increasing list of things I want to make !

5 thoughts on “Gift Idea

  1. Those are a neat idea – though I wouldn’t have a clue how to make them – maybe that’s why my fat quarters are gathering dust too!

  2. you temptress you… now I’ve got that on my list of things to make as we always have bread with our meal (bulks it out you see). I’m off to Ikea next week so may have to buy one to get a pattern. Thanks for the heads up!

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