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Preparing for C@£$%&mas

Sorry that word is not allowed to be said out loud in my house until Dec 1st

However it doesn’t stop me thinking about IT and making lists for IT or preparing for IT’s arrival.

I have purchased a handful of gifts, I have also started stockpiling food (so unnecessary but every year we do it again ! )Plans have been made for where and who we will be spending the holiday with this year (major milestone accomplished there !)

And as we speak I have just designed and printed off my C@£$%&mas cards too, if you know me at all you will realise that this is a huge tick on my to do list, most years I don’t send cards, it is always bottom of my priorities, so this year I am getting ahead of the game.

My card design isn’t going to win any awards, I just used a couple of quotes from one of my favourite seasonal childrens books. But it works and it is very “me”

Next – The Seasonal Journal preparations

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