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not quite December and a free printable

But almost – I am starting to gear up for the holiday season now.

70% of my gift and food shopping is done so now I am concentrating on decorating and my Christmas journal/album.

Tomorrow is pre prep day, we, the boys and I, are having an unexpected day off due to industrial action so we are going to do some decoration prep work.

The outside lights are going up ready for their big switch on, not until Thursday of course !

I am going to try and persuade the boys to abandon their games consoles and help me make some paper decorations.

These are what we are going to attempt, I have already printed off lots of music paper onto cheap white printer paper.
If you are going to attempt this project, remember to print your design on both sides of the paper, I know that sounds obvious but it didn’t occur to me to begin with.

Also just for the sake of my sanity, I have pre cut the paper too, the initial ones we are going to make will be from 5×5 inch squares and the cuts I have done are 1/2 an inch apart.

There is a basic tutorial here on cherished vintage blog.

The only other decorations appearing on Thursday will be the boys advent calendars and our traditional “countdown to Christmas” ornament.

we have had this since my eldest was a toddler, its a fireplace with a chimney that is filled with date sticks placed horizontally in date order.

FC sits on a large gift on top of the date sticks and each time one is removed he travels a little way down the chimney, until he reaches the bottom on the 24th.

Oh I almost forgot some printable freebies for you. These are sized to print out onto large luggage tags. ENJOY

You can download them in the usual place HERE

3 thoughts on “not quite December and a free printable

  1. nice work louise, they will come in handy, thanks

    love the paper decorations. i expect to see a photo of all the destruction
    when you have finished…LOL!!!

  2. One year I made those snowflakes for locker decorations in our school colors for my daughter’s basketball team. I took them to the high school in huge green garbage bags! The girls loved them and the principal’s secretary begged me to make her one. I took one to her the next day and she displalyed it on her bulletin board all year. When it gets faded, she calls and requests a new one which I promptly deliver!

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