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YAY its December !

I am not really that excited, ok I am ,I love Christmas, well I love the lights and the decorating, the anticipation and the excitement, one of my children is still a believer !

NOT so keen on the gift buying traumas and the budget squeezing and the christmas songs that start playing in October in the shops !

I am looking forward to starting my Christmas journal today, I have found that I lean towards the “documenting my day” style, I always look at Shimelle’s prompts each day as a form of inspiration, especially if I feel I am having a dull day content wise.

My BIG thing this year is to “REMEMBER THE CAMERA” last year I kept forgetting to take it with me every day and I missed out on some great photo ops.

Will post today’s entry later hopefully or tomorrow, more realistic

Well whilst the weather this time last year was A LOT more exciting and a lot more debilitating, I have to say I am just a tiny bit disappointed that we arent expecting any snow this year, not even so much as a sniff of it on the wind, we have plenty of that at the moment though.

Just a small reminder of what it look like last year.

2 thoughts on “YAY its December !

  1. We had a lot of snow in Nov. last year also but nothing yet. Were supposed to get up to about 3″ this a.m. but now it’s tonight. That will be great for people attending the parade of lights in downtown Grand Junction, CO. And it’s cold today, more than it’s been for awhile. We live west of Junction almost to UT border. I love the snow besides when our dog goes out it’s alot easier to clean his paws from snow than it is mud. He’s a 70 lb. 3yr. old black lab and he hates having his paws cleaned. What location are you at? I love Christmas also, no big tree this year, just a 2ft. phoney one but I
    have it on a table with my “village” and it’s pretty cheery. No young kids anymore. We used to do alot more outside and all but husband had a
    stroke yr. ago Oct. so he’s not in the mood to do much. Dog loves to chew up cords, lights too so no sense killing ourselves. lol I love your blog, really enjoy it. Hope you and yours have great Christmas. I’d better get back to making ornaments for gifts.

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