Posted in December Daily

Christmas family photo

Do you strive to get a perfect christmas photo of your family each christmas, No ?

I do, in fact I would settle for an imperfect photo of the fur of us, five if you count the fur baby.

Each year about now when I am hauling the decorations out of the loft for their month long gig, I start musing as to if this will be the year a get that elusive photo.

I don’t want staged, studio, matching outfit shots I just want all of us in the same photo looking at the camera at the same time.

This year I am going to ignore the protesting and the embarrassment(at me using a self timer in a public place) and I am going to get a family shot.

This is what my December Daily album looks like at the moment – not very inspiring is it ? I am going to put a serious amount of work into it today to get up to scratch. Simple is the order of the day and flat embellishments as the binder itself won’t take too many chunky pages.

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