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Well HELLO 2012

How the devil are you

Here’s hoping that you all had a Happy and Healthy Christmas and New Year

I have been giving this blog and its content a lot of thought over the festive period, trying to decide what to do with it, needless to say I haven’t made any concrete decisions yet.

My December Daily is still on the work table, unresolved technical issues meant I didn’t get any photos printed, as soon as I do and it is all together I will share, expect to see it some time in April !

Flirting with the idea of Project Life at the moment, or something along those lines, just searching for divided page protectors that “speak” to me and somewhere that stocks them, I’m thinking We R Memory Keepers.

Kind of hoping that embarking on this project will re-ignite the urge to scrapbook, loving all the inspiration out there at the moment connected to PL, I am drawn to the clean and uncluttered style of Cathy Zielske

I particularly like the different use of the divided page protectors in this title page by Kelly Purkey too

If you are starting or have already started this journey and want to share links and information, please feel free to leave me a comment and keep checking back here as I am hoping to produce some freebie PL designs for you to print and use.

4 thoughts on “Well HELLO 2012

  1. Oh boy, when you first mentioned the Project Life ‘Initiative’ I got so excited…then Christmas arrived…so did the laaaarge family, and I was in the throes of ‘doing’ Christmas. Although I took plenty of photos, haven’t come close to even going through them. Aaaagggghh!!!! So frustrating. I wish I was more…more…(well I guess having a split personality would help!!! 😉 ) Anyway, I pray that you have a great new year that will be totally filled with too much time on your hands, lots of good opportunities for taking photos, playing on the computer and lots of scrapbooking time!!!

  2. I am fighting jumping into PL for 2012 – I am simply afraid I won’t follow through. But there are so many doing this and so much inspiration for it now that it just might be possible to keep it interesting for me. I have a huge stash of divided page protectors from Scrapworks and the BayBoxes to put them in so I have no excuse to play along! Although the 8.5×11 9 pocket pages from We R Memory Keepers might be a fun way to keep it small and easy. Or no page protectors and using my Smash Journals. So many choices and no clear path! LOL! I need to decide…soon!

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