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Week two 2012

Okay, well I am fast running out of excuses for having not started my PL album.

My printers are now both loaded up with ink, my WRMK page protectors arrived this morning and I am still making daily notes and taking photos.

However I am swamped with work right now, just finished a magazine commission and have a conference that I am helping to organise coming up on Saturday, so in all honesty I can’t see me getting time to do any PL stuff until Sunday.

All this “thinking time” is good though, I have been able to really nail down what I hope to achieve by doing this project, little things like getting more photos of the boys with me and their dad and maybe getting a few of the dreaded family photos in there too.

In terms of journalling I am aiming for one small story a day but I am anticipating that I won’t get that every week, so some weeks are just going to be bullet lists and the slow weeks I am hoping to get the boys to contribute something ( kinda risky, I know . . )

I have designed my first journalling cards, which I will share on here, at the moment I am doing them as 4×6 but once I am ready to share I will do 3×4 so that they fit the official small PL page pockets.

I am also compiling a board on pinterest
Its just a compilation of any freebie PL printables I find.

Great, so that’s me for now, please stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Week two 2012

  1. Looking forward to seeing it, and I am sure we all appreciate how hard it is to fit things in when there are so many others demands on our time and resources!

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