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Inserts any favourite expletive you like for the title of this post.

My December 2010 album and my PL album have just taken a major step backwards.

I lost a load of photos !! My fault entirely, which is what makes it more annoying, I didn’t download my photos onto the computer and my card reader has screwed up my camera card and I had to re-format the card.

So I have decided to abandon my Christmas Album and pick it back up this year in December.

I should be able to salvage the first two weeks of PL but it may have to be done with alternate photos taken later.

I am not very happy right now !

A photo I took yesterday after the card formatting fiasco

Just a SOTC (straight out of the camera) shot of a bench in yesterday mornings frost taken in the local nature reserve.

4 thoughts on “@£*&$%£@*!!!!

  1. oh Louise so sorry to hear that! I had a major panic a while back when my desktop computer died, I knew I’d not backed up for a while but luckily it wasn’t a problem with the hard drive so didn’t lose anything, would have been gutted if I had!

  2. What a beautiful photo. Nothing brings back those shots you’ve lost, but this photo is a promise of good things to come for you, I’m sure.

  3. Oooooh!!! I totally understand how you feel. It’s happened to me too. The first Christmas we had here in Austria and I also did something silly and lost some of the photos. Luckily I found a recovery programme and was able to get some of them back from my reformatted card, but not all of them, unfortunately. But, don’t worry, there’ll be other Christmases and plenty of opportunities again!!!! (thank goodness!!)

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