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More PL freebies

I think I might be getting obsessed, each time I think of an idea if I can make it into a journaling card for PL then I do.
There is so much inspiration out there, admittedly alot of my stuff is driven by the fact that I can’t find what I want elsewhere or I can but I want it in a different colour or I don’t actually want to buy it when I can make it myself.

Today’s offerings came about because I saw a freebie online that I loved, but I didn’t want like the colour combo, so thanks to Valerie Brown for the inspiration, I made my own version, this is for those of you who are using a month and or week titling card.

This design is simple and utilitarian, I left colour out of the equation so that it will go with everybody’s scheme and you have the ability to print it on white, cream or kraft cardstock depending on the look you want.

It is available to download in the freebies section here

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