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Progress on PL

Hmmmm – none so far, I lie actually I am almost done with my cover page, seriously!

I seem to be infinitely better at getting stuff prepped than getting it done, I have collected stuff and designed journaling cards and then I seem to have spent all the rest of my time researching and getting inspired by other people instead of doing my own album.


so these maybe the last few bits I design for now. these cards are all 6×4, you can reduce the size that they print out in the printer menu, just scale them down using the percentage box marked scale.

so without further ado . . . All very simple, neutral and versitile, find them in the usual place HERE

These ones are 3×4 and inspired by my love of the iconic london bus image. The phone dial, I designed to include in my album as a record of who I spoke to on the the phone that day/week. ENJOY

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