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About time !

for another post, even though it has only been a couple of weeks, we are already into the next month !

Been extremely busy with all the usual things, work, kids, deadlines and project life, although I have to admit today everything went on hold for some time spent out in the snow ( probably our one and only snowfall this year) with the kids and the dog, the husband stayed inside taking photos as he has been blessed with a stinking cold virus this weekend.

At least I will have some great “out of the ordinary” photos for my PL album this week.

How are you all getting along with this project ?

I thought I was struggling with mine – printer issues then no photo protectors then losing my photos really wrote off weeks one and two for me , so I decided that I would “start” at week three and if I could muster up the enthusiasm I would do something about those missing two weeks in the summer break when I am less committed.

Even so I still didn’t progress, I did my title page, well kind of, it is still waiting on a family photo.

But apart from writing in my journal on a daily basis I didn’t do much else. Not sure why really, I think I needed to establish an approach that I was comfortable with, I worked hard at that this weekend and I feel happier about progressing now even though I am not “caught up”

I have decided to start each page with a “week number” card always using the same type face but varying the decoration, I am trying not to get caught up in the whole “what is this weeks story” going to be because most weeks quite honestly its just the usual mundane day in day out stuff, the same things happening on the same days.

When my weeks are slow like this I am going to opt for doing just one page protector and I have complied a list of things to document like routines, food we are enjoying, programmes we are watching etc.

I am not following a formula for the way my album looks, I am using lots of type faces and using up my scraps of patterned paper, card and embellishments, although I am tempted by the clementine paper pack from Becky Higgins, lovely colour combos, so I may invest in that. I am also going to mix up the page protectors too, I am using the WRMK variety so my combinations aren’t the same as the official PL ones anyway.

Lastly I am going to stop messing around with my photos, I tend to tweak my photos in photoshop and print them off on my printer at home, but I am not really satisfied with the colour off the prints, so I am going to print a bunch off at costco and leave them as is, SOTC (straight out the camera) and keep them 6×4 and just roll with it.

I also need to take more landscape photos, 70% of the shots I take all seem to be portrait, plus I am still not taking anywhere near enough photos, got to start using a bigger bag and taking the camera with me all the time !

Can’t end a post without a photo . .

My dog just LOVES the snow !

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