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motoring along

After completing week 4 and part completing week 5 I feel quite pleased and energised now.

I feel that I have made some decisions about the structure and content that will streamline the project and make it easier for me to complete. Instead of trying to find a story and getting despondent when there isn’t really one there I am documenting my week with a few photos and doing a week in review and highlighting anything else that I feel warrants it.

I am using a title card with the week number, month and dates sun-sat on it just adding a little patterned paper border in differing colours and patterns each week.

The our week in review card will be a constant each week, then if there is a significant story to tell, I will highlight it with its own mini page of journalling and photo.

slow weeks will only have one page protector and more interesting or photo heavy weeks will have two, Special stories or those that need more explanation will get their own insert.

I’m using the same typeface to journal with – American Typewriter condensed light and the stickers on the photos are ones that I bought and just ran through my printer to print a background pattern on them

I am not planning on boring you all to death with an image of every page I do but I will share some, this is the latest week very very simple just photos and words I have included a 6×12 inset this week as I wanted to tell the story of a note I found stuffed down the side of my nine yr olds bed !

I apologise for the glare from my page protectors, must get better photos, if you want to know about anything in detail leave me a comment. Thanks for looking.

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