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discoveries and inspiration

Through looking at lots of different blogs and web sites, getting inspiration for PL, I have discovered new stuff that I didn’t know existed. Like these great files for die cutting machines from Kerri Bradford

I own a Cricut and before that I had a craft robo so I am fairly comfortable with these machines, I primarily bought mine as I am a FONT FREAK and wanted to create my own typographic elements for my pages. I still do this but I haven’t really progressed from this aspect of die cutting. I cut the odd shape here and there , hearts, stars and some tags but that’s really it.

I really enjoyed being directed to Kerri’s site and finding out that people are now creating really cool designs that you can buy, download and cut on your machine of choice.

Don’t get me wrong I knew people were doing this but I hadn’t yet found anything cool that I was inspired by – now I have.

I am particularly taken by the peep through backgrounds and the overlapping words/letters

Images courtesy of Kerri Bradford

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