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Today should be a free day !

OK who’s with me on this one ? Feb 29th should be an official national holiday, once every four years, a day that you don’t get any other time so that you can do as you please !!

Its official – I am doing as a please today

(work, if you are reading this – I will still be there )

So apart from wanting to take today off what else is happening, Well I am still working on my PL album, wanting to get some different page protectors in the next week or two. Again going with WRMK but getting a different combination of pockets to what I have. I really want some with smaller pockets.

Finishing some cards for Papercraft Inspirations

Designing some more scrapbook elements – border strips this time, should have those done soon.

Because I can’t possibly have a post without a photo – here is one I took of my fur baby chasing the cursor across the laptop screen, each time the cursor stood still he licked the screen – GROSS (we did clean it afterwards)

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