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His Hobby, My Hobby . . .

My dearest husband recently got an opportunity to purchase an Iphone – Oh Boy has this made him HAPPY !

Personally I wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about, all these people raving about the 4S and its camera capabilities, for goodness sake its a mobile phone, I have a touch screen phone myself and it does the job, but I rarely use the camera, I have a Nikon for that job !

OK now I know why, his Iphone has a better camera in it than my Nikon, WHAT – I know I struggled with that too but my Nikon is kind of old in camera years.

Anyway he downloaded all the necessary apps for the camera this week, hipstamatic and instagram etc . . (I am not even going to pretend to understand)

OK so now I am a little bit impressed – he has been “playing” and then emailing me the photos for my PL (project life) album.

I have to admit it has made me want one – just a little.

Here is a comparison, the dining room table where I am currently “project life-ing” and the back of his car stuffed and ready to go flying (his hobby)

2 thoughts on “His Hobby, My Hobby . . .

  1. My husbands got a Nokia N8 and thats got a great camera on it, we mainly use that for my project life photos. A smartphone with a decent camera is next on my wishlist!

  2. My husband also got an iPhone 4, a while back. And I was the same as you were, dubious, I have a perfectly good Canon 50D…until he started taking photographs that were amazing, need I say, better than mine!!!!! Since he bought the new phone 4S I have inherited the older version 3 something or other. My PL album has almost only got iphone photos in it. It is convenient and fast, really enjoying it.

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