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Whatcha Doin ?

One of my favourite cartoon phrases “Whatcha doin”

(“OK, love you, bye bye” animaniacs, another favourite)

SO what are you doing this “colourless” Tuesday morning ?

I did my usual work from home stuff pre breakfast – well most of it

I have written some notes in my journal for my PL (project life) week.

Quite interestingly I didn’t think that I would take to project life, I am great at starting projects but not so terrific at completing them, only once in seven years have I managed to finish my christmas journal.

But surprisingly doing PL has got me back into regular scrapping, something I haven’t done for a couple of years. I started off slow and I don’t think that I have quite got into my groove yet, I haven’t included much of the memorabilia I have saved or been taking enough photos but I am getting there I am up to date and have done two page spreads for the last two weeks.

Now that I am caught up I am looking for the stories in our lives that I want to tell, the small details, things that I probably wouldn’t have thought scrap-worthy in the past.

I can see myself scrapping our lives in this format well into the future too.

I have invested in some more WRMK page protectors too, with different pocket combinations to add some variety

The PL goals fro this week are :-
take more photos
include more memorabilia
look for the stories

Keeping it real – here is week ten on the table – complete

**the tea image I got from here **

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