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Winding down week . . .

Well not really but it is the last week at school before the Easter hols, so it feels that way and as my jobs are school related, I do look forward to the school holidays.

I am still ticking along with Project life and designing cards for Papercraft Inspirations too.

I think I mentioned I have been working on some border strip designs, well I have completed them – YAY !

They are shown here printed off onto plain smooth white card stock and I cut them out with a scalloped edge, I have also shown them with a “torn from a note book” edge too which I rather like, I am working on some more of these with a type design

I am going to offer some of these designs (glasses, bikes, people icons) as a freebie, If you want the bus and or camera designs I will be charging a small fee for those as they are my personal design, the bus and camera I put together from scratch, these aren’t clip art or dings.
If you want any of the designs with either a scalloped or note book edge again I can offer these at a small charge.

All the border strips measure approx 10.5 inches x 3/4 (27 cm x 2 cm )

If you want to purchase, leave me a comment with your email addy and I will mail you with the prices.

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