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So its choose-day . . .

My new name for Tuesday – actually not a lot of choice going on here today, the kids maybe on holiday from school and I am on holiday too from one of my jobs, but the job from home work still needs to be done, so I got up at Dark O’Clock to put in a few hours before the kids get up. Not something I am going to do every day but definitely serves a purpose.

Struggling getting used to life without photoshop, I upgraded my MAC to the latest software version recently and didn’t know until afterwards it doesn’t support Photoshop CS2 which is what I had. Spent a lot of time mourning its loss, before admitting that I can probably do most of what I did in photoshop, between iPhoto and lightroom.

Change isn’t always bad – I know this, but its hard to teach an old dog new tricks !

still ticking along with PL got to catch up on the last two weeks let it slide as I have had a lot of work to do recently, just entering my busiest work quarter.

Thanks for all the interest in the border strips – nice to know my designs meet your needs too.

My daily vista for a lot of the time right now.

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