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Another week has gone by . . .

REALLY – this year is speeding by

Not a huge amount to report, not much done either apart from work, too much RAIN for my liking too and it aint over yet !

Although the rain didn’t stop my eldest from enjoying himself at a friends all day outdoor paintball party. He came home dirty, wet, smelly and knackered.

Still keeping up with project life and enjoying it

here are a couple of photos of my recent pages – I am not sharing every week here as it gets a bit boring for those visitors who aren’t interested in PL

These aren’t fantastic photos but it gives you an idea of how simple I am keeping my pages.

Loving adding the insets, I added a contact sheet of photos for an event one of the kids went to because I wanted to include lots of photos but not have them all full size or documented, the contact sheet is an option you get in iPhoto on a MAC and is very useful.

unfinished pocket slap bang in the middle of the right hand page for last week, not sure what that is going to contain yet.

2 thoughts on “Another week has gone by . . .

  1. Hi there Louise, I love the simplicity of your pages. I still become entanlged with details( can become a bit of a joy-stealer!), need to simplify. I particularly love your small photo strip of your dog as well as the ‘intros’ to the different weeks. I do mine per month, I find that it’s just a little too much for me when I have to do it per week. Maybe my next file will be per week, still a beginner!!!!!

  2. Thanks Laura, this is my first attempt at PL too, I want to start including more “bits” and making more mini layouts, but at the moment I am content and it has got me back to scrapping and documenting bits of our lives.

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