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Die Cutting Issues . . .

I have a die cutting machine for cutting out letters, words, typography in general.

I have owned a die cutting machine since the first Craft Robo hit the market – I loved the craft robo for its precision, a few years ago I swapped my CR for a Cricut, for its portability and the fact that I changed to a Mac and at the time the Craft Robo software wasn’t compatible with the mac and

If I am honest I have never been that happy with the precision of the Cricut its fine with the one cart I have which is the tags and bags but what I primarily use it for is for cutting words and letters. I have never really figured out if it was the machine or the SCAL software. All the letters have rounded corners which means that I don’t get nice clean sharp edges on fonts like BEBAS (one of my favourites)

It is a minor bug and I have worked with it for several years, now, mainly through doing Project Life, I am starting to see lots of lovely designs being produced for the silhouette, obviously the Ali Edwards designs are lovely but I have just discovered the Project Life designs by Loni Stevens

I would love to hear from you about your die cutting machines/experiences

7 thoughts on “Die Cutting Issues . . .

  1. I have a silhouette and have been really pleased with it, it’s an old design not one of the new fancy pants Cameos. I was sceptical at first but I have to say there are so many things that you can do with them. Apart from being able to cut all of the fonts that you have loaded on your PC (so you could cut your favourite 🙂 ) there is the trace function so you can turn a line drawing into a cut file, weld function etc.

    I was sceptical as I wasn’t sure about downloading designs from the silhouette site but I have to say it couldn’t have been easier and I was prompted into my ramble as only this week I’ve downloaded some of the project lift designs. They are every bit as good as you imagine.

  2. I use a cricut and make the cut. I like it a lot better than my craft robo although if I had make thd cut with the robo I’d probably not have bought the cricut. I intensely disliked the robo software and the palaces tracing the things in other software.

    I tevd to cut rounded fonts so couldn’t comment on crispness but I could test it out if you have a fabourite font.

    1. Bev I would love it if you could test a font out for me, BEBAS is the one I use but any similar font will do as long as it has 45 degree edges.
      I will investigate Make the Cut – Thanks, as SCAL and the firmware cannot be updated on my cricut

  3. I love my Silhouette (again it’s the older SD version, not the Cameo) and I’m a complete convert despite being a nightmare with technology! Silhouette Studio is compatible with the Mac (we’re an all Mac household) which sold it to me even more. The only time I have an issue with crispness of cut is when the blade is getting past its useful life, otherwise it’s very clean at cutting even very straight edged designs.

  4. I have the original Silhouette and love it. I never liked the Cricut. Plenty of friends have them and while I’ve tried I never liked the idea of having to buy a whole cartridge to get an image I want. I love being able to find anything I want in the Silhouette store at any hour of the day. The new software also allows you to trace just about anything and I love being able to cut any TTF font I have a whim for. The machine cuts wonderfully. I’ve had it for many many years (so many I can’t remember) and just can’t justify replacing it for the newer model when it still works like new!

  5. I have a Zing. It comes with Make-the-Cut, and I love it. Have cut out very thin fonts with no problem. I mostly pick-up free fonts from the web. It converts images easily and imports all kinds of fonts without having to install them on your computer. The Zing makes very clean cuts though you have to sit down and take your time to learn to handle it.

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