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Is it worth it ?

Was it worth me having to go in another room and sit on my hands because it wasn’t being done the way I would do it, was it worth the ten minute safety talk, was it worth the almost two hours it took him . . .

Oh I think so ! My teenage son earned the money he wanted and I got my ironing done, win win !

So how is everyone doing – PL going well ? I am still ticking along with mine, enjoying the process, not getting stressed about the lack of photos or the fact that not many of my pages contain mini layouts, it has definitely made me appreciate scrapbooking all over again. I had given up really with layouts – I don’t think I have done one since Summer 2009, life got busy and I lost interest in scrapbooking, not the creative side but the practical side of sitting down and doing it.

Doing PL for the first time has simplified things for me and has actually made me want to do more layouts.I can see myself using this method to scrapbook our lives into the future. I don’t feel guilty that I won’t be doing separate albums for each of my kids and holidays and christmas etc. They still have the ones I have already created with their “baby/toddler/ young child years in.

I have been reading on blogs and forums lately that a lot of project lifers are at that giving up stage for various reasons, which I think is a shame, but i think a lot of people have a tendency to create unreasonable expectations about what they can or want to achieve.
Maybe its because this is the first time i have used this system, but I have learnt as I went along and I know that next year I will do things differently.
For this year I am happy with my choices and I realise that when something isn’t fun and PL should be, then you shouldn’t persevere, like I said at the beginning its a shame to give it up .

I will post some of my PL photos tomorrow

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